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"If you do exactly what I tell you to do, you’ll sell your first article within eight weeks... maybe sooner."

Bold statement?

You bet.

But I don’t make empty promises.

I’ve been on both sides of the editor desk. I’ve worked as a freelance writer and today I’m the editor at Writing for DOLLARS!, the weekly e-magazine sent out to well over 34,000 subscribers.

I know what makes a good article – and the elements that make an article fall flat.

And so does fellow freelancer Peggy Fielding.

Peggy knows her stuff.

She’s been teaching article writing classes since 1980. We figure her students have published over five HUNDRED books and thousands of magazine articles.

That’s what I call an effective teacher....

But she doesn’t just teach, she’s also a prolific magazine article writer herself. She has published hundreds of articles. Her articles have appeared in Family Circle, Mature Living, Romantic Times, Women’s World, Log Home Living, GRIT, National Business Week and Family Digest just to name a few.

Peggy and I have put together a book that will give you EVERYTHING you need to get your articles published as soon as possible.

And we’re ABSOLUTELY confident that if you do everything we tell you to do in this book... you WILL sell your first article within eight weeks.

That’s because when we wrote The Complete Guide to Writing & Selling Magazine Articles, we took everything we’ve learned – both as a successful freelance writer and an editor of one of the most popular e-magazines on the Internet – and constructed a condensed comprehensive guide that will answer almost every imaginable question you’ll encounter as you add nonfiction articles to your clip file.

If you’re a serious freelancer, you should know this information. Information like....

  • Do you know what the TOP SIX nonfiction article subjects are and how you can use them to boost your bank balance? Check out page six....
  • How do you format your manuscript? (Get this wrong and all your hard work may wind up in the trash.) Go to page 16 for the answer.
  • On page 27, Peggy reveals the secret structure of successful nonfiction articles.

You’ll also receive insider secrets that will make your writing career bloom. For example:

  • Don’t know how to start your article? Page 29 reveals seven leads guaranteed to help you start your story with style.
  • What are ten time-wasters you can do without – and how can you eliminate them from your schedule? See page 23.
  • Page 31 shows you how to slant your story – and tells you WHY your slant can make or break your chances of getting published.
  • Cruise to page 34 to find out what tiny piece of information you can include in your article that will enhance your chances of success.
  • Don’t know what elements you need to include in your query? You will after reading page 37. (Peggy even includes a TOP to BOTTOM checklist on page 39.)
  • If you’re stuck for article ideas, page 60 reveals 17 techniques you can use to prime your "word pump."

You’ll receive techniques that will help you sell you articles... fast. Techniques such as:

  • What are the exact words you should use when an editor asks for revisions? (The answer’s on page 40.)
  • Read page 41 and find out Peggy’s easy-to-follow secret behind every article sale.
  • What information do you need before you sit down to write? (See page 42.)
  • What are seven skills you need to develop during your career? (Read the answer on page 46.)
  • Find out how illustrations or photos can boost your bottom line. Then find out the best ways to get them on page 76.
  • Not all article markets are in New York City. Find out where you can find "hidden" work on page 88.
  • How do you break into writing for the World Wide Web? The answer’s on page 97.

You’ll also get insider information on basics every writer should know. For example:

  • Turn to page 67 to learn how to protect your work.
  • Bad at record keeping? You won’t be after reading page 81.
  • Find out what you can deduct on your taxes on page 85.

And as a special gift for ordering The Complete Guide to Writing & Selling Magazine Articles today, we’ll actually critique your first query – FREE. Details are at the end of this letter....

Peggy and I have years and years of combined experience – on both sides of the editor’s desk – in this writing biz. We know what works and what doesn’t.

The Complete Guide to Writing & Selling Magazine Articles is a reference book that will not only jumpstart your nonfiction article writing career, it’s also a handy guide you’ll turn to for years to come.

Oh... I almost forgot to mention this. When you purchase The Complete Guide to Writing & Selling Magazine Articles, you’ll also receive over 350 Internet links to paying markets.

New! 2nd Edition

Imagine, having inside information on over three HUNDRED publications, knowing how much they pay, EXACTLY what they need, and how to contact them.

Special this Month... AWOC Books is offering $1 SHIPPING!

Click this link to order the book that will get your name in print. Order it today.

Happy writing!

Dan Case, editor
Writing for DOLLARS!


As I mentioned earlier... when you purchase The Complete Guide to Writing & Selling Magazine Articles from AWOCBooks.com, Peggy or I will personally critique your first query letter.

Imagine how confident you’ll feel sending that first query to an editor, knowing it’s been polished and edited by a seasoned, successful writer.

So order your book from AWOCBooks.com today. This offer is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The minute you order your book, surf to http://www.WritingForDollars.com/FreeQueryCheck.cfm and you’ll receive all the information you need to get your free query evaluation.

Peggy and I look forward to working with you!


Check out what readers of The Complete Guide to Writing & Selling Magazine Articles are saying about it:

"If you follow Peggy's advice, you will be published and paid for your efforts. Count on it."
       Linda Gail Christie, Contributing Editor, TechTarget.com

"Your book is the first thing I ever bought over the internet. I wanted the book so bad I broke down and purchased over the internet. I used your book as a guide to write my queries. Since I read your book I've sold double the articles in less than five months that I sold in 12 last. I would recommend your book to anyone starting out freelancing."
       Joan Airey

"Thank you for a fabulous book! I've done some freelance writing for the past few months and have sold a few things, but I feel like I've been floundering a bit. Your book made everything so clear and gave me the confidence that I could really do this freelance writing business. I've read that you are supposed to "study your market", but no one has ever explained what that means! I appreciate you "fleshing it out" in your book. Once I read it, I thought "duh, of course." I appreciated the down-to-earth approach, the humour, motivation and helpful advice. Thank you! I highly recommend this book to all."
       Katherine Martin

Order your copy of The Complete Guide to Writing & Selling Magazine Articles today!


You can read a sample chapter here.

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