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The Complete Guide to Writing and Selling Magazine Articles

"Dan Case and Peggy Moss Fielding's formula for writing magazine 
articles might be the only help you need to put your career on 
the right track if you want to writing for magazines from home 
for a living. Paying magazine markets, editors' email addresses 
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====================== Writer's guidelines =====================

Writing for DOLLARS! 

Writing for DOLLARS! is a free, weekly newsletter for 
writers who want to start selling their work or to increase their 
present writing income. It is distributed by e-mail free of 
charge. To subscribe, go to writingfordollars.com and enter your 
e-mail address in the subscription form that appears on every 
page. The debut issue was transmitted on December 1, 1997.

The Writing for DOLLARS! website is 
http://www.WritingForDollars.com, a great resource for writers on 
the Internet.

Email submissions/queries are preferred. You may query before 
sending a full article OR if you haven't written for us 
before, just send the article.

Payment before publication for exclusive first-use one-time 
rights in the e-mailed newsletter, Writing for DOLLARS!, after which AWOC.COM retains the non-exclusive right to archive and display the article online on its website forever.


ARTICLES Length: 500-1000 wds. Pieces longer than 1000 wds may be 
accepted on rare occasions, but good, tightly written 500-1000 
word pieces have a better chance of being bought. How-to-sell to 
specific markets, interviews with successful writers, new ways to 
make money as a writer, are some of the themes we want. If you 
have some information that will help writers earn more, we're 
interested in looking at your idea or article. We pay! Payment: 
$15 for articles, $25 for solicited articles.

Reprints: We will consider articles that have appeared in print 
publications. We do not reprint articles that were first 
published on the Internet. Let us know when and where it was 
published. We pay $10 for reprints. 

SPECIAL FEATURE Subject: How I Made My First Sale. (This is the 
subject... give your article an original title.) Length: 500-1000 
wds. Tell the story of your first sale (the one that you received 
a check). The reader should gain some benefit from your 
experience (bad or good).

How to submit/query to Writing for DOLLARS!

Query with your article idea, writing credits, and the estimated 
number of words. If you have already written the article, don't 
bother with a query, just send the article.

E-mail queries/submissions: Editor: Dan Case 
editor@WritingForDollars.com Put "Query:" or "Submission:" at the 
beginning of the subject line to get past our spam filter.

When submitting or querying by e-mail, attach a Word doc or docx.

Please, no headers or footers. Single space. Block your 
paragraphs with a blank line between paragraphs.

Add your contact info at the beginning or end.