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Create a Writing Business Plan That Works
by Mary Ann Kerl


With the economic crash, I found I had to set up a new writing business plan if I wanted to keep making money. So far, it's working. Any writer can set up a similar plan. Here’s how.

Analyze your situation.

Are you making the money you want with writing? If you’re like me and most other writers, your answer is probably no. If you can say yes, write a book about your success! It will sell.

I consider myself lucky, since I have a husband who supports me. Even so, I’m trying to earn some money to save for those golden years. Before the economy crashed, I was quite satisfied with my income from teaching writing and writing. Now, however, I find myself with teaching classes cut, due to the economic crisis. My income is half of what it was before the crash.

So, now what? I wondered.

First, I investigated the opportunities available in writing.

After taking a look at my past writing experiences, I decided to dive into magazine article writing again, and possibly news writing too. With a little work, these markets can bring thousands of dollars annually. I am studying The Writer’s Market as well as the Internet, where numerous markets are listed. I am sending some articles out and the acceptances are starting to drift in.

Now, I still have dreams of selling books to big publishers. So, I will continue working on that dream. However, I won’t spend all of my time on it. Even if a writer sells to a large publishing house, it takes a long time, as you know, before the book is published and you actually begin making money.

That is why I started to spend seventy-five percent of my writing time on earning income that I can get in a few months, or even weeks. One idea I am presently pursuing is writing a food column for a local newspaper somewhere. If you have a hobby or career interest, consider writing a column. A weekly column brings in some steady writing income. Nice.

Another possible writing market, for those who enjoy inspirational writing, is to approach ministers and ask if they need someone to edit their sermons. I knew a writer who did this, and she earned a few dollars in a short amount of time on a weekly basis.

Still another possibility is to tutor and/or teach. I just sent my resume to a writing tutoring company. If hired, that will bring in some additional income. Giving writing workshops are also another good way to make some money. I plan to set up some.

Searching the Internet, I found a number of writing outlets that could bring potential income. For example, I sent my resume to a company who hires freelance writers to finish books. They pay a set fee. So, every couple months they send a list of books that need to be finished. If I am interested in one, I make a bid on it. Who knows? This could bring future income  too.

To my delight, I am finding more and more writing opportunities. They are there. You simply have to look for them.

To finalize business plans, I entered some “very likely” markets to sell to in my notebook, some “likely” and, to manage time wisely, I am not bothering with the “not likely” markets. For example, if a market listing states they only buy one or two manuscripts a year, I won’t bother. Instead, I will concentrate on the markets that take a lot of free-lance work. Common sense goes a long way in this field.

I encourage you to analyze your present business plan and rewrite accordingly to make the most dollars for the upcoming year.

Have fun!

© Copyright 2010, Mary Ann Kerl

A freelance writer, Mary Ann Kerl also teaches online communication courses for the University of Phoenix. Over 2,000 of her articles and short stories have appeared in over 100 different publications, including Writer's Digest, The Writer, Family Circle, Home Life, Children's Digest and others. She sold 16 books to royalty companies, including Augsburg Fortress. Her latest book is Devoted to Economizing with Devoted Books.

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