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Seven Ideas for Christian Inspirational Writers
by Mary Ann Kerl

The Christian inspirational market is big today. And, it’s not only fun to write in this area, it is profitable too. Even if you never wrote an inspirational article before, consider doing so. With the following ideas, you can make some extra income.

  1. Visit Christian bookstores and websites regularly. Find the nearest Christian bookstore. Go to it often. Browse. See what books are on the market. Introduce yourself to the manager. Ask her what is selling. Also investigate Christian publishers’ websites. See what they are selling. Study their guidelines. Read excerpts from their publications. Research is vital for selling regularly in the Christian market today.

  2. Jot notes during Sunday sermons. I flip through my sermon notes for inspiration during the week. Sermons often give me ideas for new inspirational stories and encourage me to go on when I wonder if anyone benefits from my inspirational pieces.

  3. Attend church seminars. It’s uplifting to attend seminars. Tables stacked with high piles of Christian literature are often on display at seminars. (This, by the way, is a good way to promote your published inspirational books!). Study these materials. Take notes during the seminar workshops. Also pick up available handouts for new ideas and inspiration. On your way home, drop by the newspaper office to see if they are interested in a news story on the seminar. Often they are. Or, contact the newspaper office before you go to the seminar. The editor may want a certain slant to the story.

  4. Use your Bible concordance. Concordances offer lots of ideas for inspirational writers. Several years ago a manager of a Christian bookstore suggested I buy a Bible with a concordance developed especially for teens, since I write for young adults. The Bible has a list of issues teens struggle with in today’s world, such as unwanted pregnancies, abortions, unwed mothers, self-esteem, homosexuality, drugs. I’ve used this concordance over and over again for research materials and ideas. As a result of using this concordance, I sold dozens of published articles and several devotion books.

  5. Get with another inspirational writer. Even if an inspirational writer doesn’t live near you, obtain one by email. Look for one listed in a Christian writing newsletter or on a website. Use the search engine to find some Christian writing groups. By having an inspirational writing friend, you have someone on hand when you need help. Encourage each other by constructive critiques. Or, you can even join a writing group on the Internet for a lot of critiquing and help.

  6. Do volunteer work in your church library. Get as familiar as you can with your church library. If your church doesn’t have a library, volunteer to set one up. Learn all you can about readers of inspirational writing. If your church already has a nice library, visit with the manager. Ask what church members like to read. This will give you good insight for producing work for the inspirational market.

  7. Keep some Bible “promises” on hand. Years ago a friend gave me a small blue box that has hundreds of Bible verses printed on small cards. It’s designed so you can open the box and pick a card at random and—presto!—read a Bible promise. My friend thought it would inspire me when I felt discouraged about my writing, in addition to giving me ideas for writing inspirational pieces. It does.

So, incorporate these ideas into your writing world, grab a pen, and get started writing inspirational articles for today’s big market!

Here are a few markets to get you started:

Today’s Christian www.todays-christian.com
Articles or queries with a news or culture angle.  Recently raised pay from .10 a word.  Now pays .20 to .30 a word. Can email to: cteditor@christianity

Mature Living www.lifeway.com
A Christian magazine for senior citizens.  Themes of interest to senior citizens with a Christian angle. Pays $75 to $105 for features, pays on acceptance.

Christian Single www.christianstandard.com
How the church can reach out to singles. Pays $20 to $160 on publication.

The Clergy Journal www.logosproductions.com
Looking for writers who can write on assigned texts. Pays $75 to $150 on publication.

© Copyright 2010, Mary Ann Kerl

A freelance writer, Mary Ann Kerl also teaches online communication courses for the University of Phoenix. Over 2,000 of her articles and short stories have appeared in over 100 different publications, including Writer's Digest, The Writer, Family Circle, Home Life, Children's Digest and others. She sold 16 books to royalty companies, including Augsburg Fortress. Her latest book is Devoted to Economizing with Devoted Books.

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