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How I, As A Freelance Writer, Am Surviving The Tough Economy
by Roy A. Barnes

I as a freelance writer am surviving the tough economy first and foremost, by approaching my job with a positive attitude and broadening my horizons. Despite the scare tactics of the media, I'm managing to keep my head above water and find new ideas to write about. Let me illustrate how. Don't let the media or the negative talk of others keep you from being on purpose in life!

Condition Your Mind To Attract Money

Years ago, I was listening to one of motivational speaker Anthony Robbins' cassette tapes from Personal Power II: The Driving Force!, and he said something that I've never forgotten and that I think about a lot: "Condition your mind to attract money." This to me, is one of the greatest quotes I’ve ever heard, especially for surviving the tough economy. I don't care what I'm doing, whether it's freelance writing or running six or so miles a day, I see money in those opportunities. When I run, I often find aluminum cans which I can cash in later for money, and I find spare change and even paper bills sometimes. Yes, not only do I stay fit running, but in essence, I get paid to run! Every little bit helps, for the The Good Book says that if we are faithful over little things, we'll be made ruler over many things (Matthew 25:23 personalized).

It's all about attitude no matter what your financial situation is. Because whether you are single or married, have kids or no kids, there are always people with your same challenges who’d rather sit on a bar stool and complain about how bad things are.

As a writer, I've been getting emails from editors telling me they are laying off staff and not accepting freelance submissions in this tough economy. But guess what, there are still online and print publications that are accepting and paying for freelance work, if you the writer will take the time to look for these markets and subscribe to free market newsletters like this one, WritersWeekly.com and FundsforWriters.com.

At the beginning of this year, I was a bit down listening to all the "loser-talk" about how bad it was going to be for the common man in surviving the tough economy, but I dug in my heels and realized that I needed to think of more things that I could write about, things that I have an interest in but still required me to get out of my "box". For example, I've been striving to find more local events to write about as another way of making more money as a freelance writer.

Even though I've covered many places as a travel writer via press trips, I've heard the same talk from people who arrange these events about cutbacks in their budgets, etc. Still, I keep on approaching these folks for potential trip opportunities because press trips are still announced at such websites like Media Kitty (www.mediakitty.com) and the International Travel Writers Alliance (www.internationaltravelwritersalliance.com). And I simply "cold call" via email the Convention and Visitors Bureaus of cities and regions that I have an interest in visiting.

Expand Your Field

My travel-writing clips have helped me be able to write about the subject of travel in other ways. What am I talking about: Reviews of travel products/services for the consumer. When I see a gadget or service that piques my interest, I contact that business and show them my travel clips, which often results in the opportunity to review their product/service for free. You see, as writers, we need to use our gift to be able to find cash-generating opportunities from the events and things found in everyday life.

And I also don't let the talking heads on television shows keep me from trying to find more publications who'll buy my travel articles and other works that I've written which I have the rights to re-sell. These income sources exist, but again, it takes the initiative on your part to find them rather than giving in to self-pity.

The Unexpected Happens Being On Purpose

I've also learned from experience over the years that when we are fulfilling our life's purpose and heart's convictions, the right people and opportunities show up when they need to. Follow your heart - see the income potential in doing what interests you, and stay the course. Good things happen to those who persist! You get nothing whining and crying over surviving the tough economy as a freelance writer, so use your energy in more proactive ways. This may sound like an overused platitude, but it's true: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!"

© Copyright 2009, Roy A. Barnes

Roy A. Barnes writes from southeastern Wyoming. Besides Writing for DOLLARS!, his writing-themed works have appeared at The Willamette Writer, Write-from-home.com, Writers Weekly, The Fabulist Flash, The Dabbling Mum, and others. His travel- and literary-themed works have been published by such mediums as Transitions Abroad, The Goblin Reader, The First Line, Northwest Prime Time, The Traveler, The Kids' Ark, Live Life Travel, and Poesia.

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