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Getting More Money From What You Write
by Kathryn Lay

I love getting acceptances for my writing. It’s a big part of who I am to be a writer, and an important part of my writing is knowing that editors like it and people will read it. I need to make money off that writing as well and I’ve been fortunate in that most of my 1400 sales have come with payment.

But even more exciting is when an idea or a project goes beyond my first expectations and brings in more money that can help my family.

When I first began writing, I wasn’t completely savvy about “rights” and the issues of reselling or rewriting or redirecting pieces. But when I saw information in Writer’s Market that some publications bought reprints, I tried it and it worked. I soon found there were many ways to make more money from my writing, to double and triple what I was selling and money I was making.


One of the most exciting ways to make “more” money from what you are writing is by selling reprints. Often, there is little to no need to change the original piece. While many large publications want first rights, there are many mid-size and smaller publications that accept reprint or one-time rights.

This is especially true with parenting publications, regional publications, religious publications, and anthologies.

I have had eight pieces purchased and published with various Chicken Soup books. Only one of them was an original piece written for that theme. The rest have been published at least once, sometimes more in magazines and other anthologies.

The majority of my religious essays and articles have sold to a variety of different denominations. A particular Christmas essay has sold to publications for Baptist readers, Assembly of God, non-denominational, Methodist, Presbyterian, and more, as well as several religious anthologies.

A short piece on my daughter praying to see a frog has been published over and over, as well as a short piece about the night we celebrated the news from our caseworker that we had been chosen for a child to adopt.

And recently, an article that was published in a regional parenting magazine has developed a new life as other publications have written to me asking for permission to reprint. I let them know a reprint fee and most all have agreed on it.

When I sell a piece, I begin making a list of possible publications that will buy reprints where I can send this piece after it’s been published the first time. As long as the markets don’t cross over (same denomination or regional area), then it’s fine to send out to several places at once that take reprints.


Sometimes to make another sale requires a more extensive rewrite on a piece to fit it into a specific market. The exciting thing about this is the opportunity to take a specific idea or situation and retell it in a different way.

I’ve been able to take different aspects of my daughter’s adoption story and write and sell them all. I’ve written about the waiting period, the classes we took and the moment of receiving the news. I’ve written about meeting a grandmother who’s grandchild had been adopted to others who overheard our celebrating our news and said she’d pray for us. I’ve written about the love of 3 moms for my daughter – her birthmom, foster mom, and me. I’ve written articles on how to help or minister to adopting parents during this stressful time. Each one was a different approach and style on the same subject. Each one has sold and resold to a variety of magazines and anthologies.

Most recently, an article published in Writing for DOLLARS! was picked up by Children’s Book Insider. I had to make a few changes to gear it more toward the children’s writer market, but it was accepted.


Sometimes an idea can be redone for a completely different market. A travel piece could be refocused for an RV magazine, a children’s publication, or a family magazine. A piece on dealing with a health issue can be done as an information piece, an essay, a how-to, a woman’s piece, and more.

Recently I was assigned to write an article on extroverts and introverts for a religious publication. My plan now is to rewrite it for a youth or youth leader publication.


Perhaps you’ve written a lot of pieces on one subject and had them published. You might consider putting them together as a book or anthology.

All of the chapters in my book, The Organized Writer IS A Selling Writer, AWOC.COM Publishing, were originally articles on writing that have been published in magazines, anthologies, and e-zines.

Author and speaker Nancy Gibbs has self-published many wonderful books that are a compilation of her essays that have been published in her weekly newspaper column and in magazines and anthologies.


Consider taking what you’ve learned in an article or a book you’ve written and offer a class on that subject. Whether it’s on being a writer, dealing with a how-to issue, or an emotional issue, you can probably create an online or continuing education class that others would be interested in attending.

Writing and publishing is exciting and rewarding, but when you can find ways to make even more money from your experience, knowledge, writing abilities, ideas, and published work, you’ve found a way to strengthen your work and your income.

© Copyright 2007, Kathryn Lay

Kathryn Lay is the author of 26 books for children, over 2000 articles, essays and stories for children and adults and the book from AWOC.COM Publishing, The Organized Writer is a Selling Writer. Check out her website at www.kathrynlay.com and email through rlay15@aol.com

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