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The Equine Market
by Kim Marie Wood

After more than twenty years of college, marriage, work and raising children, my first horse brought me back to writing. Two years later, I am a full-time freelance writer. The equine market remains one of my sentimental favorites.

Sound crazy? I lost my first horse to equine infectious anemia (EIA) in 1975. Much like AIDS in humans, he was contagious and had to be humanely put down. I was only 17 and my heart broke. Life went on. As I approached forty, I decided to process my feelings about Mingo much like I did in high school, by writing them down.

I typed away during my lunch hour, and afterward shared the story with an English teacher across the hall. She came to school the next day excited. "This is great!" she declared. "You need to submit this somewhere for publication." Since I subscribed to EQUUS, I put it in the mail to them with a short cover letter and forgot about it. Three weeks later I got an acceptance, request for a photograph to accompany the piece AND a check. I was amazed!

To say I was hooked would be an understatement! As I continued to explore a variety of markets, I found homes for many of my articles in equine publications. I have even syndicated my own children’s equine mini-page, Young Rider Roundup. This fun and educational feature appears regularly in several regional equine publications, including The Equine Times, The New York Horse, Maverick Press, Equine & Mine, The Sentinel, The Alaska Horse and Happy Horse.

I subscribe to the Equine Times, a monthly equine newspaper that circulates in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. I read it from cover to cover each month. But I noticed that my thirteen year old daughter, a full-time horse owner and horse lover herself (as well as an avid reader) showed absolutely no interest in this publication!

I would point out news and stories she might be interested in, but again I got very little response from her. (Even when they published a news article and photo I submitted!)

Something was missing! I decided to create a kid's mini-page. Since I was targeting publication for the Equine Times April 1998 issue, I chose the Kentucky Derby as my theme. I wrote a 300-word piece called "The First Saturday in May," aiming for the younger reader but still something an adult might enjoy reading. I created a sidebar of Derby trivia, and added a crossword puzzle with a racehorse theme and a word search with the names of all the Triple Crown winners.

Included in my letter to the editor was the Equine Times purpose statement: "to help identify horse owners' needs and to offer services to meet those needs." My sales pitch pointed out that, not only would this type of regular monthly feature appeal to younger readers, but adult 4-H leaders and horse trainers would also be able to use this material with their younger riders.

I received a phone call from the editor five days after I put the proposal in the mail. He wanted to run my first submission in the April 1998 edition, and contract me to do a monthly kid's feature in the same format. I used my first two clips from the Equine Times to market Young Rider Roundup as a reprint to other regional equine publications.

If you want to write for the equine market, here are some of my recommendations:

Check out American Horse Publications online for a directory of more than 200 horse publications and contact information at: http://www.americanhorsepubs.org

Here are some of my favorite equine markets:

Appaloosa Journal (*see below for guidelines)

Monthly. Award-winning 4-color monthly published by the Appaloosa Horse Club, profiling newsworthy Appaloosa horses, trainers, riders, breeding farms, horse shows or other events.

Also informative equine health pieces, no longer than 700 words, produced by or with a veterinarian or other equine health professional. Prefers queries. Does not publish poetry or fiction.

Contact information:

Appaloosa Journal

PO Box 8403

Moscow, ID 83843

Fax: 208.882.8150

Email: journal@appaloosa.com

The Draft Horse Journal

Quarterly. No specific writer’s guidelines or themes. Interested in articles about working draft horses and mules, especially unusual uses of the animals themselves. DO NOT want articles aimed at the general public. They cringe at the term "gentle giants."

Contact information:

Jeannine Telleen, Editor

The Draft Horse Journal

2700 Fifth Ave. NW

PO Box 670

Waverly, IA 50677

Fax: 319.352.4046


Monthly. An equine health and care publication, focusing mainly on medical and biological topics. Prefer queries with detailed outline of proposed article. Does not publish poetry, fiction, puzzles, cartoons or games.

Contact information:

Laurie Prinz, Managing Editor


656 Quince Orchard Rd.

Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Fax: 301.990.9015

Horse Illustrated

Monthly. A general equine publication focusing on responsible horse ownership, tips for better horse care and training and other important issues in the hors industry. Targets adult readership. Prefers you query first. Does not accept simultaneous submissions.

Contact information:

Moira C. Harris, Editor

Horse Illustrated

PO Box 6050

Mission Viejo, CA 92690-6050

Fax: 714.855.3045

Horsepower Magazine For Young Horse Lovers

Bi-monthly. Targeting children between 8-16 who love horses. Looking for articles on riding, stable skills, health care, horse breeds, training and equine celebrities. Underlying emphasis in all articles is safety. Humor and short fiction also welcome.

Contact information:

Susan Stafford, Managing Editor

Horsepower Magazine

225 Industrial Parkway South

PO Box 670

Aurora, Ontario L4G 4J9

Fax: 905.841.1530

Email: 74273.3167@compuserve.com

Paint Horse Journal (*see http://www.awoc.com/guidelines.cfm)

Monthly. Official publication of the American Paint Horse Association. Continually in need of good articles about Paint Horse people-owners, breeders, trainers, as well as the horses themselves. Human interest and unusual stories about registered Paints also welcome. Prefers query first. Does not accept poetry.

Contact information:

Dan Streeter, Senior Copy Editor

Paint Horse Journal

PO Box 961023

Forth Worth, TX 76161-0023

Email: dstreeter@apha.com

© Copyright 1999, Kim Marie Wood

Kim Marie Wood is a freelance writer living in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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