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Sell Your Own Secrets Or Maybe Someone Else's
by Peggy Fielding

Hungry to sell your short stories? Even in today's tight fiction market, your short stories can be sold. There is a group of editors who are eager to read your work, to publish your stories, and to pay you for the use of your words and ideas.

Is there a catch?

Well, yes. There are two bits of information you must consider if you want to write for these folks. You'll receive no byline under your story title for one thing and you must follow that particular market's story formula for another.

Okay, okay, Peggy. I can live with those strictures and I still want to sell my writing. What is the name of this magazine which is so eager to buy my short fiction?

MagazineS, my friend, as in more than one. There are ten of them, in fact. They're called Confession Magazines. They are TRUE CONFESSIONS, TRUE STORY, TRUE ROMANCE, and TRUE LOVE. Also, BLACK CONFESSIONS, BLACK ROMANCE, BLACK SECRETS, BRONZE THRILL, JIVE and TRUE BLACK EXPERIENCE. All are published by Sterling/Macfadden.

All the magazines print anywhere from six to twelve short stories (or more) in each monthly edition. That means 100 or more short stories are published every month. Wow! And that doesn't even count the nonfiction, poetry and contest entries which they also offer their readers.

Millions of determined Confession Magazine fans are faithful readers. They purchase and read their favorite magazines through subscription or by purchase from magazine stands or through sharing with friends, each and every month.

Confessions are usually the story of one woman's problem and how she handles and solves that one problem. They are not stories of sexual adventures per se (unless that is her problem!) Many of the stories don't even offer one word about love or sex.

Can writing for the confessions advance a writer's career? Yes indeed, in many ways. First, the writer gains experience in writing fiction. Second, the writer adds to his or her bank account while learning the trade. (Yes, men can write and sell confessions) Success brings inner confidence and raises writers' faith in their ability to write novels and/or nonfiction books.

Are editors looking for new writers for the confessions? Yes. If you can draw a sympathetic narrator who is working to solve her problem, a problem that echoes the problems faced by many of our confessions readers, you can sell.

Our loyal readers range in age from early teens to the eighties or older.

The market is wide open to our submissions. Take a flying leap into the Confessional Pool. Swim to make yourself known and to get into the daily writing habit. Become a selling writer.

Your short fiction can point you to larger markets, perhaps even to books. If you can write one 4,000 word story, you can do that same thing fifteen or twenty times more and the words will add up. Keep writing those 4,000 or 5,000 word chunks and you'll soon have yourself an 80,000 word novel or nonfiction book, whichever you have chosen. Congratulate yourself, then get back to your keyboard.

© Copyright 2003, Peggy Fielding

Peggy Fielding has published jillions of confession stories. She frequently lectures on writing confession stories. Visit Peggy’s website at: PeggyFielding.com

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