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Writing… With Children!
by Michele Rader

Finding the time to write is not always as easy as it sounds. It seemed that no sooner did I sit down in front of my computer, both of my children would run into the room to claim dibs on the keyboard. Even when I chased them away and firmly announced that Mommy was going to write, they would bombard me with a thousand questions and requests, demanding my attention. Sound familiar?

By being consistent, your family will soon learn that during certain times of the day you are "at work". I split my days, half in the morning, and the other half after everyone is tucked into bed.

Don’t feel guilty! Let the housework go. I decided that I did too much of the housework myself so I delegated the chores. Now I have more time to write, I know what my kids are doing while I’m writing and the chores are getting done. Now every one is happy, well, except my kids.

I posted a sign on my door that read, "Writer at work!" then informed them that they were not to disturb me unless the house was burning down, or some similar catastrophe.

The other day while writing, I heard my son shouting from the next room, headed my way, "Mommy! Mommy!"

Then a wonderful thing happened.

My husband intercepted him before he got to my office and said, "Mommy’s working. Let me help you." I heard the sound of their footsteps retreat down the hallway, followed by nothing but sweet silence. With a sigh of relief and a prayer of thanks, I continued writing with no further interruptions.

This didn’t happen over night. I guess it took my husband until he saw a few checks come in the mail before he realized that I was serious. Be persistent by making time for your writing career and soon you’ll be hearing those sweet words for yourself, "Shhh! Mommy’s working!"

© Copyright 2002, Michele Rader

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