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Mold Your Writing Future
by Gloria Griepenstroh

Whether you are waiting for that first sale, or wanting more from your established writing career, you can reshape your writing future with three easily implemented techniques.

Revisioning, revaluing and reculturing are the clay with which you can mold a sculpture that is your new writing career.


Revisioning requires that you, the writer, look at the big picture. Even if you are an established writer, trying this technique can improve your success.

Take a moment to envision the detailed goals you wish to achieve. Put your writing abilities to work and paint a colorful picture in your mind outlining specific goals. Whether your end goal is writing a best selling novel, an award-winning screenplay, or a line of sentimental greeting cards, map out each mile of the trip.

Start with an idea seed and end with the beautiful flower garden that is the cover jacket of your novel, the actors and backdrop of your play, or the card display featuring your sentimental poetry. Pretend you are the movie producer and create a Technicolor film of your goals with all the graphics and details possible.

Write down the list so you can reflect on it. Carry a copy with you and review it often to refresh your memory and keep on the right track.

When you revision your writing goals, you are more open to opportunities when they come along. Begin with the end goal in mind and you'll be able to achieve your goal with ease.


As writers we need to value what we do and understand how our contributions affect the world around us. We may forget that our words have value in the greater scheme of life. All writing has value beyond a paycheck. Think about what your work contributes to others. Focusing on those values helps to keep passion in your writing.

Don't overlook the volunteer work you perform. Do you write the church newsletter or use your writing skills at your child's school? Those hours may contribute as much to society as your regular writing job. Rethink all areas of your life and the value of what you do.

Possibly you're not suited to the laborious task of writing a novel, but would be better suited to the quick pace of Internet publication. Or maybe your poetry would be more suitable to a greeting card verse than the magazines that you've been querying unsuccessfully.

Each of us has a special path to follow, if we can only find it. If you're not happy with your writing success, then maybe you haven't found your true path.


Reculturing is the action step of this three-part process and takes courage to implement. Revisioning and revaluing your work without taking action will result in little change. You must enact your plan.

Taking a risk is the necessary part of reculturing. While the thought of this process can be scary, taking action is the secret to implementing the new vision you have outlined. Weigh the risks and imagine what would happen if you took the leap. Often these possibilities can be as exciting as they are scary.

Over and over again successful writers steer their careers in the new directions that their lives lead them. Listen to your inner self and have faith in your goals.

Be forewarned though, your journey may not be totally smooth. Obstacles can lurk in your path. These obstacles, more commonly known as baggage, weigh us down and keep us from being our best. Some of us carry small knapsacks, while others drag around huge steamer trunks. Even though these obstacles weigh us down, it's hard to let them go. To open the door to success, dump those knapsacks and steamer trunks overboard.

As an example this baggage can be illustrated by the way monkeys are caught in the wild. A large container with a very small opening is filled with bananas and placed where the monkeys roam. A monkey sees the jar and puts its hand in and grabs a banana. Because the monkey won't let go of the banana, he can't pull his hand out of the jar, and is easily captured. All he would have to do to be free is to drop the banana, but the monkey isn't focused on the bigger picture, only on that beloved banana. His future and freedom are sacrificed.

Let go of your bananas or whatever is keeping you from being a successful writer. You might fear failure because someone told that you could never write, or you might fear success because of the changes it could bring to your life.

Don't be just the writer, but also the star, director and producer of the movie that is your writing career. Dream a picture of success, keep the passion, and take a risk. The results may amaze you and your readers.

© Copyright 2004, Gloria Griepenstroh

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