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The Advantages of Writing For Ezines To Build Your Career
by Susan Miles

As a writer, I am a huge fan of ezines--magazines on the Internet. Not only have they offered me some of my early publishing successes but most of what I have learned about being a writer I have learned from regular visits to writersÂ’ ezines. Now that I live in a non-English speaking country, they are also a vital link to up-to-date news and information on a variety of topics. Therefore as both a writer of and a grateful recipient of these convenient communication links, I am disappointed when I hear fellow writers dismiss ezines as second-class writing markets.

The next time you come across an ezine in a guidelines database, before you pass it over for a print publication, consider the following:

1. Selling an article to an ezine solves the problem of submitting clips with an email proposal.

With snail mail, I need only photocopy a couple of my best articles to demonstrate my writing ability and track record to a new editor. But as I prefer the convenience of submitting my articles and proposals via email, I have to either to scan my printed articles and add them as attachments (no one likes opening attachments for fear of a virus) or simply list my clips as part of my submission. But with articles sold to ezines, I only need to include in my list of clips the web address to direct the editor to a full view of my article.

2. Payment

While not as generous as newspapers and magazines, the conditions attached to most ezine articles are "Non exclusive e-rights" therefore you are free to immediately resell your article to another ezine or print publication. The regular turnover of content also raises the requirements of new material and therefore the likelihood of a resell is much higher.

3. Publicity

One travel ezine set my word count at 400 words, but offered a generous 75-word limit for my personal biography at the end of the article. This provided me with plenty of space to detail not only my previous writing accomplishments but also my current and planned projects.

4. Break into photography

As well as build my writing clips with ezines, I have also been able to build my photo credits. In a traditional print publication, space conditions may limit photos to only 1 or 2. With ezines, I have had 3 to 4 photos included for one article. As with point one, I can easily demonstrate my photographic ability to a prospective editor by including a link in my email submission to the appropriate web site.

5. More space in ezines

I sold the same story proposal to two different publications, one an ezine, one a print publication. In the print publication I was restricted to a small sidebar of information on the topic. However with the ezine, I received a 1000-word feature assignment and an additional follow up article assignment.

6. An easy way to share your writing

This one is purely a personal reason why I like to write for ezines. With friends and family scattered around the globe, I can send an email with a link to the ezine attached to share my latest writing efforts. Whether it is to my buddy Itai in Tel Aviv who insists on seeing my latest travel photos or my parents in Australia curious about what family antidote I have quoted in my latest article, it is so much easier to do with articles in an ezine then in traditional print form.

I look forward to the day the editor from my city's newspaper or a travel magazine editor phones me with a plea to write their next feature. In the meantime, I know I have to complete my apprenticeship as a writer and build my standing in the writing community. Writing for ezines is an important first step in achieving this long-term goal.

© Copyright 2003, Susan Miles

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