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For Writers Who Teach: How to Find Job Announcements
by Erika Dreifus

"How do I find a teaching job?" That's a question I hear, not infrequently, from writing friends and colleagues. What the question often means more precisely is: "How can I find a job teaching writing in a community college/public or private college/university?"

Presuming that you've already thought about the reasons why you want to teach, and already considered the particular subject matter and writing-related courses which-by education and experience and publication record-you're best equipped to handle, and even begun thinking about the many other issues that you will need to deal with if you commit to this process of teaching writing (from entering the world of academic hierarchies to grading papers and manuscripts), you might still be wondering how to find a job. On the most basic level, where can you locate some possibilities?

Not surprisingly, the internet now offers a number of databases and similar resources for job-seekers in this field. Many are free, and some offer additional career resources and counsel-filled articles for good measure. Herewith, six samples to get you started.

Academic 360.com http://www.academic360.com/hr/ In the geographical section of this website (you can also search by faculty or administrative field) you'll find links to each of the United States, Canadian provinces, and more. These contain further links to college and university websites within each area (generally you'll find a direct link to the personnel/human resources office). For my home state of Massachusetts, Academic 360.com provides links to literally dozens of colleges and universities, from Amherst to Worcester State.

Academic Careers Online http://www.academiccareers.com/ Allows searches for jobs in categories including journalism and communications, humanities, and others of interest to writers. Also allows searchers to limit fields by location, salary, job term, and keywords. International coverage.

Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network http://chronicle.com/jobs/ Search by keyword, or by zip code, or by any of multiple categories. You'll also here listings for community college and part-time/adjunct jobs. And you'll also find a remarkable Career Network library featuring advice columns applicable to a range of professional situations. Just glance through the topical index and you'll see what I mean: "Age-related issues," "Presenting yourself online," "Work and family." And for writers, there are the particularly tempting "Creative Writing" and "Publishing" categories. See http://chronicle.com/jobs/archive/topical/.

H-Net Job Guide: Academic Position Announcements http://www.h-net.org/jobs/ Specialty searchers may browse by category, including Communication/Mass Communication; Humanities; Humanities Computing/Distance Education/Educational Technology/; and Teaching/Administration of Freshman Writing/Advanced Writing.

HigherEdJobs.com: Jobs in Higher Education http://www.higheredjobs.com/ Search positions by category (including community college and part-time/adjunct positions). Or search by location. Or use other criteria (such as keywords-try "poet" or "writer," for example).

National Council of Teachers of English Career Opportunities Area http://www.ncte.org/about/over/careers Visitors to this area of the NCTE website can browse and/or post information. Included here are available jobs, people seeking jobs, and other announcements. Job announcements are divided primarily by instructional level: elementary, middle, secondary, two year college, college and university.

You'll also find a number of other writing-related opportunities on many of these sites, including fellowships, research positions and writing-intensive administrative jobs. Bookmark what's useful for you-and check back frequently. You may indeed find a teaching job-and more.

© Copyright 2004, Erika Dreifus

Erika Dreifus lives and writes in New York City. Visit her website at www.practicing-writer.com and check her "Practicing Writing" blog posts at practicing-writing.blogspot.com.

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