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Unlimited Markets for Every Idea
by Angela Butera Dickson

There is unlimited promise and probably cash in every idea you generate. From the ordinary to the exceptional, each idea slanted and re-slanted properly can elicit many satisfying acceptance letters.

Recently a talented colleague asked me, (If there are unlimited markets for every idea) "Then what is all this stuff doing in my file cabinet?" My advice to her and to you is look again at your unsold ideas and ask yourself if they are tailored specifically to the market you're approaching".

Freelance writer Karen J. Gordon says, "Really saturate yourself with the market's "need" and write your piece *for* them".

Your job as a writer's is to first find a need then show the editor that you can fill that specific need for his target audience. If your market is a national woman's magazine make sure your article is written in a friendly, relaxed tone with a conversational style and boasts a subject that has really broad appeal? If it is an article for a science magazine is your finished piece rich in provable data and does it carry enough background information for the magazines typical reader to understand the concepts easily?

Some writers can spot excellent ideas effortlessly while some work harder to find just the right idea for an article. It doesn't matter how you generate ideas both methods can become more productive by tapping into the fullest potential of every concept you create. Visualize the possibilities and you'll get many miles out of each idea. Become an "idea angler" and your concept has no limits.

Want to know how to exploit the limitless potential in every idea? Read on.

One Good Slant Deserves Another

Understanding "slant" will get you everywhere. The slant or angle of your piece is that part that makes it suitable for the specific market you've chosen. Change the slant and a new market possibility opens. Change again - presto - another new market. You can change your slant as many times as you can find new markets to query.

Here's an example of an idea that has many possibilities: An article about "America's Love Affair with the Banana" would be good for the general marketplace but remember to get the most mileage from your hard work by becoming an "idea angler".

So Many Slants, So Many Markets

How about changing the slant of that piece to one or all of the following:

* The Healthy Fruit, a banana article for a health publication

* Ten 10-minute Banana Crafts for Preschoolers, for a parenting publication

* Banana Boat Beauty Secrets, for a woman's publication

* The Banana Impact on the Consumer Market, for a produce trade publication

* Loose Weight Deliciously with Bananas, for a weight loss publication

* Bananas, the Pinnacle of Agriculture in Honduras, for an in-flight publication

* How Bananas Can Lower Your Blood Pressure, for an insurance publication

* Keeping Bananas Fresh, for a cooking publication

* Sipping on a Peel - 8 Banana Smoothy Recipes, for a food publication.

* Do Spots Mean My Banana's Sick, for a children's publication

That's a total of ten more market specific slants for different articles that all build on the research already completed for just the first piece.

The humble banana is just one topic in a world of millions and every concept can find a market. Slant for your target market and re-slant for your next target market.

Freelance writer Kelley Hunsicker offers this advice, "...knowledge comes from being published by an assortment of different markets. But, I still think market research is important so that you can find new markets to submit to".

The Benefits of Slanting

Getting the most mileage from each of your ideas has several benefits. The work involved in research, quote collection and organization of concepts need only be done once and can be recycled many times.

The same goes for the labor of writing your query letters. The basic query letter need only have the address and the angle or slant of the topic changed for successive target markets.

This provides for greater productivity and with that greater name recognition and you can surely appreciate the increased income potential offered by mushrooming all of your ideas.

If It's Good Once, It's Good Twice

Depending on what rights you sell the first time your article is published will govern your ability to sell reprints. If you still have reprint rights - use them and target similar markets for extra cash. This is a great way to exploit your original idea further and gain the most benefit from it.

There is a Market for Everything

It's true there is a market for every idea; in fact there are many markets for every idea if you use your ability to angle your concepts to meet the needs of each specific target publication. Capitalizing on your creative ability to slant and re-slant and tap into the unlimited potential in all of your ideas for increased productivity, name recognition and profit. Some ideas may be more a challenge than other ones, but all ideas can find a market through the skills of a creative writer.

© Copyright 2003, Angela Butera Dickson

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