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  1. From Hobby Writing to Profitable Business in 10 Steps by Beth Fowler
  2. When You Must Write a Poem -- Sell It! by Susan Sundwall
  3. D-E-V-O-T-E-D: Seven Sales Strategies For Selling Devotionals by Nancy Robinson Masters
  4. Turn Your Diary into Dollars by Beth Fowler
  5. Turning Personal Experiences into an Article by Kathryn Lay
  6. The Metaphysical Market – Find Your New-Age Niche by S.A. Watkins
  7. Freelancing with Spirit by Beth Fowler
  8. Writing and Selling White Papers by Constance Fabian-Isaacs
  9. Have Something to Say? Sell It: Writing for the Op-ed Market by Karen J. Gordon
  10. For Writers Who Teach: How to Find Job Announcements by Erika Dreifus
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  1. Wearing the Hat of an Online Course Instructor by Alice J. Wisler
  2. Writers, CONNECT! with Your Audience by Linda C. Apple
  3. What Can I Expect From a Query? by Kathryn Lay
  4. How to Increase Your Bottom Line Even When You're at Rock Bottom by Jennifer Brown Banks
  5. Seven Ways to Diversify Your Writing Portfolio and Increase Your Income by Jennifer Brown Banks
  6. Writing Tips from a Social Media Queen by Laura Roberts
  7. Seven Ways to Create Chemistry With Editors and Earn More Cash by Jennifer Brown Banks
  8. Nine New Writing Opportunities for the New Year by Cheryl Sloan Wray
  9. A Year of Projects by Melissa Mayntz
  10. Seven Rich-tuals of Well-Paid Writers by Jennifer Brown Banks
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