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Vol 16 Number 20 - December 4, 2012

In this Issue:

  • "Welcome" - Dan Case, editor

  • Feature "Have You Considered Quarterlies?" by Susan Sundwall

  • 16 Paying Markets - High, Medium, and Low

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Dan Case, editor
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Have You Considered Quarterlies?

by Susan Sundwall

A couple of times a year I give my submissions spreadsheet a good going over, looking for reprint possibilities and pieces that haven’t sold but still have potential. In a recent such move I noticed the number of quarterlies I’ve sold to and there were quite a few.

Many writers won’t consider quarterlies – or put them at the bottom of their ‘possible market’ lists – for the following reasons.

  1. Trying to remember due dates for various publications is bothersome.
  2. Issues are themed and some writers don’t like to be restricted by them.
  3. Too many quarterlies are literary journals.
  4. Pay is non-existent or low.

That’s why I never wrote much for them either. Then I took the bull by the horns and got some re-prints out there and – sure enough – three of them sold to quarterlies. For instance, The Lutheran Digest takes, even prefers, reprints and I sold to them. The editor took my essay about the family recipe box and that sale was number five for that piece. Another publication for reprints is Valley Living. The editor frequently takes my stories and always tells me to go ahead and sub it elsewhere as other markets rarely cross hers. So I do and sell many of them.

Themes can be a bane or blessing. The bane part would come in the limitations set by an established topic not of one’s choosing. The blessing comes with having a topic to tackle from the get-go. It saves you from having to guess what to write about. Or worse, writing so far out of the publications parameters that you totally bomb.  But you might find that quite often the theme is broad. When you read the guidelines try to read between the lines a little to determine if your enchanting article about where best to invest your lottery winnings would fit into a broader theme of ‘family,’ or ‘finances.’ You might be surprised what an editor will consider. Since many writers have an aversion to quarterlies, your chances of being accepted are greater, too. You’ll never know unless you try.

Literary journals and magazines can be tough. Many of them pay in copies and if you only want the prestige of having your piece in one of them – well, okay then. But there are those that pay and I’ve listed a few of them at the end of this article. Study the tone of each publication – study the tone. Very important.

Now, as for those pesky deadlines. Simply make a log for them. Look at it in the first part of each new quarter to determine when you’ll need to get your work in for consideration. Note which ones take reprints and which tend to be themed. Try color coding. Add new markets as you find them.

So, are quarterlies worth it? I think so. Of course they’re in the mix with everything else you write and probably won’t yield you buckets of money. But here’s a little math. You set a goal of submitting three pieces a month to quarterlies. If your ratio of sales to subs is three to one then you’ve sold twelve pieces in a year. If each of those pieces garners $50 to $100 you’ve made anywhere from $600 - $1200 for that time span. Not a lot all by itself, but a nice little chunk of change to add to your other revenue streams. And if some of those are reprints, you’re that much further ahead in the game. Same goes for your evergreen pieces.

Take a look at these ten markets for starters.

West Virginia Family – Pays $25 per article http://www.wvfamilyonline.com

The Lutheran Digest – Pays $35 http://lutherandigest.com

Catholic Forester – Pays $50 http://www.catholicforester.org

Valley Living – Pays $35 - $50  http://www.mediaforliving.org

Range Magazine – Pays $50 - $400 per article http://www.rangemagazine.com

The Georgia Review – Pays $50 per printed page http://garev.uga.edu

Grain Magazine – Pays $50 per printed page up to $225 http://www.grainmagazine.ca

Queen’s Quarterly – Payment varies http://www.queensu.ca/quarterly

1859 Magazine – Payment varies from $.03 per word to $.05 per word   http://1859oregonmagazine.com

North Dakota Horizons – Payment averages $.20 per word  http://www.ndhorizons.com/horizons

© 2012 by Susan Sundwall

Susan is a freelance writer and mystery writer. Her debut mystery, The Red Shoelace Killer – A Minnie Markwood Mystery, is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Mainly Murder Press, or your favorite book store. Visit her at susansundwall.blogspot.com and see what she’s been up to.

16 Paying Markets
Updated or added in our database since November 27, 2012

High - Over $500

  • Bay Nature, USA - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks nonfiction, fiction, columns/departments, fillers, photos/artwork.  Subjects: Exploration of the natural places, plants and wildlife of the San Francisco Bay area. 

  • Eating Well, Where Good Taste Meets Good Health - Guidelines:  Pays on acceptance.  Seeks nonfiction, columns/departments.  Subjects: Cooking, nutrition science, origins of food and social issues related to food networks. 

  • Texas Monthly - Guidelines:  Pays on acceptance.  Seeks nonfiction, columns/departments, photos/artwork.  Subjects: Texas, general interest, travel, business, technology. 

  • Vancouver Magazine - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks nonfiction, photos/artwork.  Subjects: General interest Vancouver, Canada. 

Medium - $125 - $500

  • Michigan History - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks nonfiction, photos/artwork.  Subjects: Features stories of all kinds from Michigan's colorful past. 

  • Parabola - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks nonfiction, columns/departments.  Subjects: Myths, symbols, religious traditions, wisdom, life. 

  • Quilter's World - Guidelines:  Pays on acceptance.  Seeks nonfiction, photos/artwork.  Subjects: Quilting. 

  • Tahoe Quarterly - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks nonfiction, columns/departments, photos/artwork.  Subjects: Lifestyle magazine of the Northern Sierra and Reno/Carson Valley region. 

  • The Toastmaster magazine - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks nonfiction, photos/artwork.  Subjects: Speaking techniques, leadership development, language, club management principles, profiles. 

  • Verge Magazine - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks nonfiction, columns/departments, photos/artwork.  Subjects: Ways to get out and see the world by volunteering, working and studying overseas. 

Low - Less than $125

  • Boston Review - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Accepts simultaneous submissions.  Seeks nonfiction, fiction, fillers.  Subjects: Culture, political analysis, reviews, poetry. 

  • CobbleStone - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks nonfiction, fiction, columns/departments, fillers, photos/artwork.  Subjects: History for 9-14 year-olds. 

  • Create & Decorate - Guidelines:  Pays on acceptance.  Seeks nonfiction, photos/artwork.  Subjects: General crafts. 

  • FundsforWriters Newsletter - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks nonfiction.  Subjects: Thought and/or advice about some aspect of earning funds through writing. 

  • Georgia Family Magazine - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks nonfiction, columns/departments.  Subjects: Parenting. 

  • The Strand - Guidelines:  Pays on publication.  Seeks fiction, fillers.  Subjects: Mysteries, detective stories, supernatural, terror, short stories, poetry. 

More paying markets

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